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What You Need to Know About Microchipping in Fishers


With May being Chip Your Pet Month, today is a terrific time to educate yourself on the many importance and benefits of having your pet microchipped. The American Humane Society estimates that somewhere around one in three pets in the US will be separated from their owners during their life. Of those unfortunate animals, only a very, very small percentage will ever find their way back home. 

While there are numerous things that can be done to keep your beloved pet from running away or being stolen, catastrophe can strike any family. Having your pet chipped gives you a much better chance of finding them if they ever disappear. At PetVet Animal Hospital, our team performs safe and effective microchipping for animals in Fishers and the surrounding areas and is here to help you protect your furry friend. Here are some things you need to know about pet microchipping. 

How Is Microchipping Done?

The microchipping procedure is quick and feels like getting a vaccination or any other type of shot. Similar in size to a grain of rice, the chip is most often implanted beneath the loose flap of skin between the patient’s shoulder blades. A syringe is used to insert the chip, so anesthesia is not needed. A qualified veterinarian can chip a cat or dog in seconds, and there's no need for any downtime afterward. Your furry friend can get back to running and playing right away. 

These chips are safe, and contrary to popular belief, they don't store your personal information or transmit your pet’s GPS coordinates. Every microchip has a unique ID number that is linked to an account. When you use this ID number to set up the account, you’ll input your phone number, address, and other information. The info is stored online in your account rather than on the chip itself. If your pet is scanned vet a veterinarian, shelter employee, etc., the registration number will be used to find your contact information. 

The Benefits of Microchipping

Though microchipping does not provide absolute guarantee that your pet will be returned to you if they are ever lost or stolen, it does significantly boost your odds. If someone brings your pet to an animal hospital or shelter, a handheld scanner will be used to look for a microchip. As long as you have your current information saved in your account, someone will get in touch with you to reunite you with your pet. You can also add important health information - like any medications your pet takes - when setting up your online account. 

Contact PetVet Animal Hospital Now to Have Your Pet Microchipped in Fishers

Microchipping is quick and reasonably priced, and it greatly enhances the odds of seeing your pet again should they ever wander off. At PetVet Animal Hospital, we strongly suggest having your pet chipped as a means of protecting them. To request additional information or schedule your pet's appointment, please reach out to us today

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